Delivering trusted healthcare to your home

LILAQ brings convenience and peace of mind to busy parents, professionals, and their loved ones.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Our nurse call will initially ONLY be available in select areas of Gauteng. These areas include: City of Johannesburg, City of Tshwane, Ekurhuleni.

LILAQ understands that illness, allergies, injuries and the like crop up unexpectedly, and scheduling appointments, sitting in waiting rooms and planning follow up services can adversely affect both working parents and professionals as well as their children and elderly parents.

How can LILAQ help you?


Do morning sniffles have you and your child down?

Book a qualified nurse to come to the house before leaving for work, giving you peace of mind for the day ahead.


Expecting parents

Can book the whooping cough vaccine for the entire family and your domestic worker prior to the baby’s birth in a single home visit. Fuss-free!


Feeling helpless when your elderly parent is ill and you’re unable to get to them?

Fret not! Book a qualified, compassionate nurse to check on them. Their health status as well as the treatment information will be shared with you securely via the mobile app.

Allow LILAQ to navigate your personal and work life, giving you peace of mind knowing that your loved ones’ health and wellbeing are attended to, without hampering your work productivity and ultimately jeopardizing your livelihood.

Our purpose

By easing the pressures of multiple work and personal priorities, LILAQ strives to reduce the busy parent’s or professional’s stress and time away from work or activities.

Our solution

At LILAQ, we expect the unexpected and/or assist with being organised by connecting the busy parent and professional to registered healthcare specialists via our mobile app. This empowers them to plan care for their loved ones on their schedule, without compromising the time and focus on their work or extended family responsibility.

LILAQ gives you rapid and affordable access to quality healthcare for their loved ones.

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    Booking an appointment is quick and easy.

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    At the convenience of your own schedule.

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    At your preferred location.

LILAQ eliminates travel and wait time, seamlessly connecting you and your loved ones to a certified nurse practitioner, with the option for in-person follow up services.


How it works

1 You

The platform enables you to:


Get answers to health-related questions from qualified health care professionals


Book a home or office visitation


Describe symptoms before the consultation


Select from an array of qualified health care professionals

2 Qualified health care professionals

The platform enables qualified healthcare professionals to:


Accept request


Prepare for visit


Provide primary care (excluding emergency) services similar to pharmacy-based clinics

Coming soon


Facilitate remote doctor’s consultation

The inner workings of LILAQ


LILAQ is a mobile platform that enables convenient house call bookings at a flat fee cash price.


Nurses are available from 8AM to 6PM, Monday to Saturday.


Medical services are provided by leading Pharmacy clinics and their clinicians. You have the choice to select a preferred nurse.


LILAQ records data for follow up visits.


Easily and securely pay for your booking.

Our services

LILAQ collaborates with board-certified nurses to provide a wide range of quality healthcare services in South Africa.

Some of the services covered include:

Baby wellness

Baby wellness

Primary care

Primary care

Non-emergency wound care

Non-emergency wound care

Vaccinations & injections

Vaccinations & injections


Vaccine Schedule Reminders (complimentary service)

Nurses are fully equipped to care for issues typically seen in a primary care clinic. All nurses are licensed and judiciously vetted according to a stringent selection process. They are vastly experienced and contracted via leading Pharmacy clinics.


R600 per house call fee*

*LILAQ reserves the right to charge an additional fee if multiple family members are treated during the same visit. The full amount will be shown on the App before booking your appointment.

Additional costs

LILAQ will process payments for pharmacy-related invoice(s) issued for vaccines or other medication delivered during the appointment. Such payments will be processed 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.

Special services (for example: CPR training) will be charged according to the Service Provider Rates. These additional costs will be displayed on the App before booking the appointment.

Download Our Lilaq Health App Now To Get Started*

Available on Android and Apple stores

*Our nurse calls are ONLY available in select areas of Gauteng to start. It's our goal to bring Lilaq Health to everyone in South Africa.

Available areas include:

  • Buller City of Johannesburg
  • Buller City of Tshwane
  • Buller Ekurhuleni

Have any questions or queries?

Please get in touch with us and we will keep you updated as we launch in more areas.